Walrus Trading is committed to:

Maintaining a management system, defined by the quality standards of the ISO 9001 Version 2000.

nsuring that all staffs are fully trained, highly motivated and have a thorough understanding of the parts they play in producing a quality product.

Designing, developing and acquiring products that are attractive, safe and durable. The company also strives todevelop its own productive technology.

Continue working hard with suppliers to ensure all materials and services used conform fully to defined requirements and quality levels. Consistency is vital in the materials and services used to manufacture quality products.

Maintaining high-quality standards and performance. The quest for quality is essential to the company 's commitment to excellence.

Additionally, we consider ourselves a social partner and, for
us, this is not just a token of gesture. It is our fundamental
commitment. We have initiated and supported a wide range
of social development projects, for example, education and
employee development in the local community. Moreover,
the company has notable safety.


Human resources are considered to be Walrus Trading 's most valuable asset. Recognizing that its success depends on the skill and diligence of its staff, the company provides training to further develop its valuable employees. Moreover, the company provides excellent fringe benefits, which are enjoyed by staff at all levels.


Walrus Trading is committed to maintaining its solid reputation of manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality products. Backed by the loyalty and support of local and over sea suppliers, the company vows to sustain its continuous efforts to increase its production capacity, with an aim to meeting the growing demand of its markets.

Today, the company is more than ready to meet the challenges of the future. We are well aware that these 3 factors of :-
       - Competitive / realistic in pricing
       - Superior Quality
       - Very Punctual Delivery
Are the most crucial elements sought by every buyer. All of our staffs are totally committed to ensuring that all buyers obtain the best possible conditions from our factory and will do their utmost to fulfill these objectives.